Become involved in research

Getting involved in research is something of interest to many people. People often want to do something that can make a difference in other people’s lives and find participating in research allows them a way to do this in meaningful and manageable ways.

REACH is currently not taking on new locations or participants however it is associated with other research partners who are. 

Get Involved!

One of the most well known ways people get involved in research is as a participant in research studies. The REACH Network is linked to the University of Sydney’s StepUp for Ageing Research and StepUp for Dementia Research. These provide a one stop shop for people to express their interest in participating in research and for researchers to connect with those interested in ageing and dementia research.


Being involved in research does not only mean being a participant in studies. Researchers need input from consumers and the community about what to research; how to conduct research and how best tell people about research. Sydney Health Partners is one group that is committed to genuinely involving people in all aspects of research.


REACH Network

StepUp for Research

Bobby Redman, who lives with dementia, said she loves being involved with StepUp for Research as it allows her to be involved with research that could help her retain functioning and potentially even one day find a cure for dementia.

“It gives me purpose and makes me feel that I can make a difference.So far, I have been linked to more than a dozen research projects covering many different perspectives including activities to reduce the risk of further cognitive decline; rehabilitation; impact on social skills and the use of technology.” said Bobby.

It is so easy to connect to researchers through StepUp – once registered on the website, emails come through to tell me that I have been matched and I then have the option of deciding whether I want to be involved. There is no pressure, just great opportunities.

Visit the StepUp for Ageing Research or the StepUp for Dementia Research web sites for more information or call 1800-STEP-123 (1800-7837-123).