REACH Network
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What is the REACH Network


Develop and sustain a real-world, online community network of research-enabled and ready aged care homes.


Offer the opportunity for residents, their families, staff and organisations to become involved in research about dementia and ageing.


Provide residents, their families and care staff with links to information about best practice for people with cognitive impairment living in residential aged care.

How REACH Network works

How REACH Works

We know that translating evidence into every day practice requires effective dissemination of research findings to care providers, managers and direct care staff.  The REACH Network provides a way for people to come together to learn and share ideas about ways of improving aged care through research.

The REACH Network site includes a Community of Practice for Dementia Rehabilitation.  The Community of Practice provides information, resources and links for users interested in dementia rehabilitation, which is about improving and/or maintaining independence of people living with dementia.  It is a virtual platform for managers and staff to connect about embedding dementia rehabilitation in their day-to-day practice, research involvement and latest evidence-based practice.


REACH Network

Community of Practice

The REACH Network Community of Pracitce provides:

  • For staff and managers of those care homes that partner with us to continue to develop their knowledge and skills necessary for the delivery of rehabilitation for people living with dementia.
  • In the I-CHARP study our partners are Calvary and Whiddon.
  • Other aged care providers wishing to know more about partnering with us to embed rehabilitation for residents living with dementia, should contact the I-CHARP Project Team at the University of Sydney by emailing:

Clinical Supervision

Exchange of Ideas

Peer Support